Credibility Services

Your business’s profile, payment history and negative payment records are all stored at the two major Credit Bureaus in South Africa, Experian and TransUnion. CreditLogix have designed a unique service, in partnership with the Credit Bureaus, which empowers you to take control of your business credit status and aim for a higher financial future through growth.

Profile / Build / Health

  • Credibility Services  is focused on helping businesses take a proactive view on managing their business credit profiles and taking ownership of their creditworthiness.
  • Credibility Profile – always the starting point; Profiling is the process of getting to know what is not known.
  • Credibility Build – a proactive service and is for a business that already knows their Financial Brand Position, and who wants to build/enhance/maintain their business credit profile and credit status over time.
  • Credibility Health – for businesses which have gone through tough financial times and as a result have poor credit profiles and scores; here we aim to help fix and improve financial brand status over time.


Expert advice is given on the easiest possible steps to be taken to correct any statutory, adverse or judgment information should any information not be accurate. CreditLogix consultants will guide you through the information exchange process and provide expert advice on the areas to improve provision of information around Trade References, Bank Codes, Operations, Growth and Sustainability information. We also facilitate the pre-investigation of judgements to ensure they were granted legally and also facilitate the rescindment of judgements, through our partners.

Credit Risk Services

CreditLogix provides our subscribers with smart credit risk services across a broad range of industries; we build our credit risk solution across the customer lifecycle for SME and Large Organizations to mitigate risk and improve growth of the debtor’s book. The key areas of risk we aim to address are Application Risk, Credit Management and Collections in a Trade Credit environment.

We help build more formal relationships, even with long-standing customers. We know how legislation effects and should guide lending practices. We understand how to use credit management to improve collections and therefore cash flow. We have developed solutions tailored for specific businesses based on their level of establishment.

CreditLogix has many combined years’ experience in credit, credit risk and the credit bureau environment. We partner with leading Credit Bureaus, Credit Insurance Companies, Financiers and Collection Houses in South Africa to provide cost-effective and top quality bouquet of services which we combine into innovative, results driven solutions.

Leave us an enquiry and we will contact you to share more on how we can help your business find a more predictable tomorrow.